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There are different aspects to consider when we talk about service industry as this area embraces several people.
We could refer to diverse professionals such as accountants and lawyers as well as security guards or janitors and each professional from the service industry performs essential tasks and need training both about their technical area as well as customer service.

Through gamification you may teach company values and create knowledgeable staff and an environment made specifically for their reality and needs.
An environment specially made for the reality of these workers and that enables easy information access is essential because it ensures they can achieve a great performance and have good results.

Benefits for the service industry


Ensure information and training standards.


Foster belonging in the workplace.


Speed up the learning and development curves.


Increase staff engagement by using your company dynamics and training.


Stimulate positive behaviors.


Improve customer experiences.

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Kinds of gamification at the service industry

Removing bad work habits

Create specific training with a suitable speech for the attendees. Set them as key players for actions who will affect the lives of people around them in order to reduce and correct bad habits at work.

Create relatedness and sympathy between service supplier and customer

Allow staff to see the positive effects from their actions at customer service by offering real case stories and statements in short training sessions. Recognize their good performance by using not only measurement tools but also their kindness and how sympathetic with the customers they are. Have specific medals for these virtues.

Ensure good training standards

Create trainings which don’t withdraw them from their daily tasks, invest in short and illustrative knowledge gems
that make content absorption easier. Standardize the training distribution and assignment. Offer recognition and useful rewards for these employees.

Start changing as your business evolves.

Whether for the corporate, educational or promotional world, you have playful ways to learn.

Through complete and interactive techniques, engage each type of audience in a unique immersion scenario that leads the user on a journey to achieve defined strategic goals.

  • Fully customizable look

  • Define KPIs to be achieved and reward users

  • Internal Store

  • Ranking Targeting

  • Content Targeting

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