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Creating fun and interactive experiences for your customers, getting their loyalty or increasing brand awareness are as hard as keeping staff motivated and engaged daily.

Create a loyalty program with scoring and rewards for customers and motivate them to come back to the store (brick and mortar or online ones). This will increase the frequency they purchase your goods.
Increase staff motivation with a program that stimulates good customer service and product and service knowledge in order to generate motivation and rewards, promote a health competition and reward the best staff members. Keep track of the results daily to identify the opportunities.

Benefits for retailers


Increase customer flow at the store (brick and mortar or online ones).


Create sale opportunities for each customer.


Promote brand awareness and brand loyalty.


Get new customers faster.


Improve team performance: sales, customer service among others.


Extend employee integration and training process.

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Kinds of gamification at retailers

Reward programs for customers

Create loyalty programs based on customer purchases and set different goals based on the customer’s buying habits. Then reward the achieved goals with discounts or free products. Allow customer recognition based on their engagement in the program.

Help staff development

Offer interactive training based on employee’s daily tasks such as releasing concise content and prompt rewards; Along with that, set goals aimed at good service and self-fulfillment in order to promote self-development and reaching the brand goals.

Start changing as your business evolves.

Whether for the corporate, educational or promotional world, you have playful ways to learn.

Through complete and interactive techniques, engage each type of audience in a unique immersion scenario that leads the user on a journey to achieve defined strategic goals.

  • Fully customizable look

  • Define KPIs to be achieved and reward users

  • Internal Store

  • Ranking Targeting

  • Content Targeting

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