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The audience expectations have changed and it’s increasingly harder to gain and keep their attention. The audience is “multiscreen” and they pursue more interactive and more immersive experiences. To keep them engaged it’s necessary to create an innovative experience. Create a direct communication with your public, make they feel a sense of belonging and create emotional experiences, creating a bigger bond than just a few minutes or seconds would.

Benefits for Media and Entertainment


Encourage audience interest and engagement.


Encourage audience interest and engagement.


Widen product awareness and create brand loyalty towards products or services.


Identity and stimulate behaviors.


Ensure audience will interact more often and increase their interaction periodicity.

Semi disco

Kinds of gamification at media and entertainment

Strengthen the audience engagement

Set brand interaction goals for the fans and rank them based on the engagement level in order to offer exclusive content for the most engaged ones. Offer status sharing and recognize them as brand ambassadors.

Train and motivate the staff

Make tedious procedures into fun ones, create rewards for skill development, getting things done and gaining knowledge.

Start changing as your business evolves.

Whether for the corporate, educational or promotional world, you have playful ways to learn.

Through complete and interactive techniques, engage each type of audience in a unique immersion scenario that leads the user on a journey to achieve defined strategic goals.

  • Fully customizable look

  • Define KPIs to be achieved and reward users

  • Internal Store

  • Ranking Targeting

  • Content Targeting

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