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The public sector development and the relationship with its citizens is essential for any town, city, state or country to grow. Fostering initiatives for this sector using gamification enables professionals to be more prepared and motivated and it also provides cost optimization for public offices structure. In addition to that, gamification also engages citizens by creating learning initiatives for the public area, like legislation for instance. It also stimulates public involvement through challenges aimed at finding solutions for the society and offering rewards for their actions.

Benefits for public agencies


Stimulate self-learning and engagement of public servants


Improve public servant’s performance.


Time and resource optimization for public offices


Create citizen commitment towards the society.


Increase general public awareness about government

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Gamification usage at the government environments

Improve public servant performances.

When you have a well-trained and motivated staff, the results are readily noticed. Create a scene with pertinent goals and challenges and which have the citizens as the core of it. Use games and activities related to everyday situations and with social relevance but in a fun and soft way. Give rewards for their actions, recognize the best ones and build an environment that allows bilateral feedback between public servants and citizens.

Encourage citizen’s involvement.

Make the citizens into true heroes of their community. Create a fun environment where they can relate to and help them learn more about public agencies, offices and public administration in general. Encourage an active commitment from these people allowing them to propose projects and offer suggestions rank the best ones and highlight the best initiatives.

Offer services and benefits through technology.

Having quality digital services contribute directly on citizen satisfaction and lead to saving costs for the public sector. Create an evaluation system which grants points for a citizen who is a “good payer” and reward him or her with benefits, credits and other conveniences inside the public institutions.

Start changing as your business evolves.

Whether for the corporate, educational or promotional world, you have playful ways to learn.

Through complete and interactive techniques, engage each type of audience in a unique immersion scenario that leads the user on a journey to achieve defined strategic goals.

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