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The new education requires innovative strategies beyond the classroom. An e-learning strategy along with gamification can be the ideal tool to create a fun and engaging environment for students, teachers, professors and staff.

Offer them their own learning trail, create a set of interactive stimulation, quests and goals, stimulate their progress and reward the achievements with medals, trophies and certificates.

Benefits at education


Increase student’s interest and engagement.


Improve knowledge comprehension and absorption.


Keep track of their progression and speed up the learning curve.


Improve educational development.


improve learning process identifying knowledge gaps.


Create a fun, engaging and interactive e-learning environment.

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Kind of gamification at the education field

Create a self-development centric environment

Use techniques to empower students and stimulate them to give their best such as making them into storytelling characters.

By using knowledge gems through diverse game mechanics, enable content interaction for decision making and concluding stories. You may also offer rewards for student’s efforts such as scoring systems and coins. Along with that, promote student recognition for their acquired knowledge with medals and certificates.

Provide a teacher development environment

Allow and foster teacher’s creativity by offering a customized abled environment for teaching and managing students. In the same way, let teacher experiences flourish in gamified dynamic activities in order to help their constant self-development and evolution alongside with their awareness at using different techniques to motivate and engage students. Create relevant interactive training with rewards towards the teacher’s professional environment such as making educational tools and certificates available.

Corporate education

Improve staff engagement with the diverse kinds of corporate learning, mandatory or not, through non-conventional dynamics such as storytelling techniques, social recognition and rewards. Create dynamic activities that encourage team cooperation offering real world results proportional to their engagement such as converting scoring and points into donations or other benefits for the society.

Start changing as your business evolves.

Whether for the corporate, educational or promotional world, you have playful ways to learn.

Through complete and interactive techniques, engage each type of audience in a unique immersion scenario that leads the user on a journey to achieve defined strategic goals.

  • Fully customizable look

  • Define KPIs to be achieved and reward users

  • Internal Store

  • Ranking Targeting

  • Content Targeting

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